Village in bloom

Since 2017, the town of Luz-Saint-Sauveur has been involved in “towns and villages in bloom” and was awarded its first flower in 2018.

Why ?

  • To reconcile man and his environment through tourism..
  • To identify the importance of the history and landscape of the valley.
  • To preserve intangible cultural heritage through the collection of local memories.
  • Project a vision for the future.
  • Highlight the creative dimension..

Towns and villages in bloom for a better quality of life

The goal of the Towns and villages in bloom initiative is above all to improve the quality of life for everyone, to encourage commercial initiatives, to preserve and promote cultural and natural heritage, to energize and reinvent tourist activity thus reviving the local economy in mountain areas. To this end, actions are being carried out and must continue to be built around several themes, in particular those concerning the quality of the welcome, afforded visitors, the protection of the environment and the sense of community.

This commitment is made in connection with tourist activity,, the scheduling of activities, raising environmental awareness in young people…

The decoration of villages with floral displays helps regenerate the squares and back streets in the villages, and creates a social bond between the inhabitants and the holiday makers.


Along the narrow streets of the historic centre, discover the many wash houses adorned with flowers and take a refreshing break…

Environmental issues at the heart of the project

The floral decorations in Luz village are fully in line with environment guidelines: 85% f plants are produced locallywith organic seeds in a local greenhouse.

A lot of thought has been given to how we manage our plant heritage: inventories made of smells and species, species regenerated, use of mown seeds for lawns and ski slopes, tree heritage, respect for old plant strains, enhancement of biodiversity, control of invasive species and encouraging planting at the base of building fronts.

Add to this is a protection of natural resources: : 0% pesticides, soil conservation, recycling, water optimization, energy renovations, the reduction of energy consumption and its associated pollution.


During your walk through Luz village, you will discover many gardens and original flowers display that complement the cultural offering: exhibitions, concerts, workshops…

Creating a 4 seasons atmosphere

In homage to the heritage buildings and the ambiance of the areas, the village decoration has been designed with the location, the season and the event in mind.

Thus many original creations give life to unique places with themes revisited each year: The giant (bike) for the Tour de France, Scottish Christmas, Land-art, The Napoleonic baths, green chatter…

The beautification of areas

Village makeover also includes: 

  • The rehabilitation of the wash houses
  • The redevelopment of fountains
  • Renewal of road surfaces and roadside greenery
  • The burying of overhead network cables
  • The renovation of building facades
  • The restoration of village squares
  • The management of motorised vehicles and bicycles parking spaces
  • The creation of brick planters
  • The creation of street furniture
  • The construction of soft linkways (bridges, paths, passages)

The Village in bloom project
The Village in bloom project