Congresses y seminars

Give breath and fresh air to your event with the Forum of Luz, congress center in the heart of the Pyrenees but also less than an hour from the airports of Lourdes-Pyrénées-Tarbes and Pau-Pyrénées, and one half an hour from the A64 motorway.

The Forum of Luz

Close and yet truly out of the ordinary, the Forum of Luz offers you a very high-quality working environment and access to all mountain activities, winter and summer, which will appeal to delegates.


Your entire event can be organized within the Forum of Luz where catering for participants can also be organized.

The Forum consists of two large rooms, the “Rotonde” and the “Louis Burret” and two smaller rooms “Viscos” and “Ardiden”.

Reception capacities (maximum):

  • La Rotonde: 128 people
  • Louis Burret: 190 people
  • Viscos: 75 people
  • Ardiden: 85 people

The Forum can be rented in its entirety or per room as needed. We can for example organize a seminar in one room and have the participants lunch in another.

Multiple sports or relaxation activities to share with your employees or your guests...

Comfortable accommodation

Luz-Saint-Sauveur offers a wide range of quality accommodation: 2 or 3 * hotels, guest rooms, 3 * tourist residences, 3 * holiday village …

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