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Luz Saint-Sauveur, its architectural treasures and its small heritage buildings have so much more to offer … Its narrow streets in its historic district, its wash houses its wrought iron balconies and its marble window frames and doorways take you back to those grandiose moments in medieval and modern times.

Listed monuments

In the footsteps of great men
You did not choose Luz by chance…
Famous historical French figures have fallen in love with this small town well before you. Nestled at the foot of 3 mountains and with year round sunshine, it has inspired many renowned Pyrenists: poets, writers, scientists, photographers, artists … who were intrigued by the town’s beauty and its authentic inhabitants.

« “Charming old town (…) deliciously located in a deep triangular valley.
Three large shafts of sunlight stream through between natural gaps in the three mountains.
When Spanish guerrillas and smugglers arrived from Aragon via the Breche de Roland gap, they suddenly saw a great shaft of light at the end of the dark gorge, like opening the door out of a dark cellar. They pushed on and found a large lively town bathed in sunshine.
This village, they named it Light, Luz “.
Victor Hugo.

The legacy of Napoleon III
The Emperor Napoleon III built buildings that today add to the fame of the village, unique architecture and one of a kind monuments. Seduced by the healing thermal waters of Saint-Sauveur, he came to stay with Empress Eugenie.

The Napoleon and Eugénie walk
We invite you to follow in the footsteps of the imperial couple on this easy 3km loop which takes about 2 hours to walk starting at the Town Hall and finishing at the thermal spa. From the Town Hall (Maison Gradet-Poque) you head towards Napoleon’s Bridge, passing by the Solférino chapel and the thermal spa, you will pass emblematic places and see the beautiful landscapes that surround Luz-Saint-Sauveur.

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