Gastronomy & Artisan crafts

Taste the area’s local dishes and discover traditional recipes made by our fine chefs.


Typical local dishes in the Toy Country include:

  • Garbure (local stew)
  • Le pastet, local cheeses
  • Gâteau à la broche (Skewer cake)
  • Tarte aux Myrtilles (Blueberry cake)
  • PDO Barèges-Gavarnie lamb, and Tarbes beans.

The Barèges Gavarnie AOP (PDO) recognises ancient sheep farming and high quality meat. The accreditation of this highly acclaimed label confirms the breeding of animals in a protected small area, a strong identity and know-how which has been passed down from generation to generation, it favours mountain pastoralism, guarantees the meat’s origin, contributes to the maintenance of natural and man-made areas all whilst maintaining the biodiversity of the area.


welcome you all year round allowing you to taste local specialties.


Passionate artists and producers have come together to promote, develop and support our healthy and responsible agriculture, as well as our ancestral and innovative know-how:

“Les éditions De plaines en vallées »(publishing house) ; the Toy Country sheep farmers ; the Tourmalet bee-keepers ; La Carde (woollen mill) ; Miellerie du Pays Toy (honey-makers) ; AOP Barèges-Gavarnie (lamb producers) ; l’Echoppe (up cycling furniture) ; le Gâteau à la broche (skewer cake), l’Atelier céramique (pottery), la Boulangerie du Pays Toy (bakery at Saligos) ; la Brasserie du Pays Toy (brewery) ; la Ferme des cascades (Farm cheeses) and Distillery of Occitanie (gin).

Local producers
Local producers
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