Above the village of Gavarnie-Gèdre, 3 cirques make up the exceptional UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since 1997, when it was first listed, it has attracted the interest of numerous mountaineers, scientists, poets, writers, artists…


The Pyrenees-Mount Perdu site is made up of 3 glacial cirques on the Spanish border just 30/40 min from Luz-Saint-Sauveur: Gavarnie, Troumouse and Estaube. These natural wonders filled with flora and fauna are best enjoyed in summer when their landscapes and peaks are most beautiful.

These unique places with their sumptuous colours are the starting points for many hikes.

The Gavarnie Cirque

Located on the Franco-Spanish border, in the heart of the Pyrenees National Park, its distinguishing features are many. The spectacular dimension of its limestone walls, its 3000m high peaks and its 423 metres high waterfall – one of the highest in Europe. Every summer, the cirque hosts the Gavarnie Festival, a unique artistic experience set in the heart of nature.

Stroll from Gavarnie village to the Cirque Hotel, along the Gave River on foot, horseback or donkey (3 hours walk / return).

The Estaubé Cirque

The Estaubé valley fairy-tale walks are great for the family – in a secret cirque where marmots have taken up residence.

The car park is the departure point for the walk to Gloriettes Lake and its dam at an altitude of 1,668m. Estaubé has the most beautiful climbing route up to the famousMont-Perdu peak, via the “Brèche Tuquerouye” gap.

The Troumouse Cirque

Highly coveted by cyclists and lovers of high mountain landscapes, the Héas road leads you directly to the heart of the Troumouse Cirque.

From the car park located at 2100m, a 30 minute family walk takes you to the Virgin of Troumouse, a magnificent viewpoint over the whole Cirque.

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