Weather and snow report

View the weather daily in Luz Saint-Sauveur and Luz Ardiden and the snow report.

Weather in the village

Weather on the mountain

Météo Montagne : 08 99 71 02 65

Download the daily snow report – print version: Click here.

Road and traffic information for the Hautes Pyrenees:

Be sure to check out any necessary safety precautions before heading up to the mountains:
> Summer: Click here!
> Winter: : Click here!

When the weather is at its peak?

What doing… when the weather is at its peak?

> Visiting the Napoleon III Museum and the Templar Church

> Relaxing in the hot baths of Luzea front of the mountain summits

> Immerse yourself in the world of contemporary art at the Hang’art museum

> Visiting the ecomuseum and enjoying a good garbure (local soup)

> Organizing a movie night in front of a good movie at the House of the Valley and National Park

> Taking a gourmet break in a tea room or bar in the old center of Luz

> Visiting local producers: honey, woolen factory, brewery, bakery, wooden signs….

Information book
Information book
Map of the valley
Map of the valley